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Classic City Swing 9 will feature 15 hours of social dancing at 5 dances throughout the weekend:
  • Friday Main Dance

  • Friday Late Night

  • Saturday Main Dance

  • Saturday Late Night

  • Sunday Farewell Dance

The Friday and Saturday main dances will feature music from live bands, while the late night and farewell dances will feature some of the best DJs in the region!

Admission to d
ances will be available a la carte at the door, but if you plan on attending all or most of the dances, we highly recommend that you purchase a dance pass, which will guarantee you admission to all dances for the weekend.



With their little big band lineup of 4 horns, rhythm section, and vocalist, the Mint Julep Jazz Band recreates the hot jazz sounds of the 1920′s, 1930′s, and early 1940’s through arrangements based on original recordings from the jazz age and swing era and original tunes inspired by that time period.

Laura Windley

Gordon Au

Keenan McKenzie
Dexter Moses

Lucian Cobb

Chip Newton

Michael Gamble

Daniel Faust


The Keenan McKenzie Orchestra is appearing for one of their first live performances since 2019! This 14-piece ensemble boasts an all-star lineup of swing veterans from North Carolina, New York, New Orleans, and Georgia. Helming the band, Keenan draws upon years of experience playing for dancers and arranging and transcribing big band charts.

Vibraphone: Brandon Mitchell


Rashaan Barber

Keenan McKenzie

Dexter Mozes

Brandyn Taylor


Gordon Au

Michael Cruse

Tim Otis


Lucian Cobb

Wes Parker


Guitar: Chip Netwon

Bass: Michael Gamble

Drums: Daniel Faust

Vocals: Laura Windley


Clare Diaz – Clare loves sharing amazing music with amazing people, and she has been doing so at various events across Florida. Whether it’s the robust sound of Illinois Jacquet or the swinging syncopation of Ella Fitzgerald, Clare will find a way to keep a room full and the party stomping.

Mattie Kelly When Mattie is in the DJ booth, you can expect driving bass lines, heavy sax solos, and as much Count Basie as they can reasonably get away with. Leaning heavily on the greats with a sprinkling of lesser known artists and arrangements; when it comes down to it Mattie only has one rule when it comes to DJing – they only plays songs they absolutely loves to dance to.

Aliceann Talley Believing the music is what drives these dances, Aliceann continues to dive into the history of vintage jazz and blues to collect new music that inspires dancers. She keeps two things in mind while DJing - there should be enough variation that everyone will want to dance throughout the night, and everyone should have enough time to finish hugging before the next song starts.

Kemper Talley – Kemper favors music that has authentic, historic roots in the Swing Era. He loves to play music from swing's early days to modern recreations, but heavily favors the small combos and big bands of the 1930s and 40s. Outside of DJing, he enjoys leading the his classic swing small combo, the Jump Shop Sextet, as well as teaching local and regional dancers more about this thing we call swing.

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