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Classic City Swing offers four track levels taught by incredible instructors, so you can get the most out of the weekend to improve your dancing.


Track Descriptions

Four class tracks will be offered a Classic City Swing 9.

Please consider these descriptions when determining where to place yourself when filling out the registration form.

Beginner (includes beginner workshops and all dances)

Brand new to Lindy Hop? Been studying it a short while but still perfecting your swingout, circle, and basic turns? Been away from the dance scene for a while and want to re-establish a strong foundation? This is the track for you! The beginner track will have a dedicated set of instructors for the entire weekend. What better way to learn or focus on Lindy Hop basics than with an intensive workshop that also includes dances with amazing live music! (Make sure you sign up for the beginner pass!)

Intermediate (includes leveled workshops and all dances)

This track is for dancers who are comfortable social dancing Lindy Hop on a regular basis. You have a solid foundation in Lindy Hop technique and can confidently and consistently execute a swingout, circle, turns, and other basic 8 and 6 count moves. You can easily mix 6 and 8 count moves. You are comfortable dancing at moderate tempos but may still struggle at slow or fast speeds. This level will improve the execution of vocabulary, and also provide more challenging material. Ideally, you have been exposed to Charleston by this level.

Intermediate Plus (audition required – includes leveled workshops and all dances)

This level is for experienced dancers. Students showing up at this level are confident, technically knowledgeable, and fairly fluent in the rhythmical language around the dance form. With a very good control of basics, you are now getting bolder with exploring variations and musicality. You can lead or follow clearly and are getting comfortable with slow and fast tempos. At this point, you are very interested in improving your quality of movement, not just learning more moves. You have begun to explore other jazz era dances, most notably Charleston. This level will be challenging: rhythmically, technically, and tempo wise.

Advanced (audition required – includes leveled workshops and all dances)

You are more comfortable on the dance floor than off – Lindy Hop is your comfort zone. You dance outside of the box with numerous variations, and musicality is reflected in your movement choices. You understand partner connection and can adapt your dancing to different partners. You welcome the challenge of dancing at all tempos, although you still want to improve your control in doing this. Your basics in solo jazz are solid and this is obvious in your partner dancing. You have been exploring other jazz era dances, primarily Charleston, Balboa, and/or Shag. Working on dance concepts and connection is more important to you than simply learning moves. This level will be the most challenging: rhythmically, technically, and tempo wise.

Meet Your Instructors

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